Accommodation In Warsaw For Students

Accommodation In Warsaw For Students

Accommodation For A Student In Warsaw


What is the best neighborhood to rent and for how much?



Żoliborz,  Bielany, Stary Mokotów, Ochota and Wola are districts where it is easier to find a relatively cheap apartment in good  standard than in the city center. These neighborhoods are also well connected- that is why students who cannot afford to rent a flat near the Old Town and University or prefer to live in a less busy and not so noisy neighborhood  decide to settle here.


Which of these districts will be right for us and how much will we pay for accommodation when coming to study in Warsaw?


Student dormitories in Warsaw: for whom?


It is not so easy to find a place in a student dormitory in Warsaw, which is not surprising, considering that almost a quarter of a million students study here. Last year, over 100,000 people  studied at the three largest universities in Warsaw (the University of Warsaw, the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences). Only every eleventh of them could count on accommodation in a dormitory belonging to one of the above universities. 12% of Warsaw students live in dormitories, while as many as 46% of students rent flats during studies in Warsaw, Poland– alone or in groups.


Granting a place in a dormitory affects primarily the student’s wealth (people with low monthly income and poor financial situation in their immediate family have greater chances) and the distance between their place of residence and the university (the further the better) contributes to obtaining a place in a dormitory. Living in a dormitory is most often of interest to first-year students who do not yet know their university colleagues and with whom they would like to rent the premises on their own. Later, especially when they start working, they can usually pay a slightly higher rent and move to private apartments with their friends.

student dormitory in Warsaw

Dormitories in Warsaw: accommodation prices


The prices of single rooms are slightly lower than in the case of renting a room in a private apartment in one of the districts located near Śródmieście.

We must reserve at least PLN 500 for a 1-person accommodation in one of the capital’s dormitories.

A place in a double room is a minimum of PLN 450.

The cheapest, but also the least comfortable, will be in a 4-person room – for example, in some student dormitories belonging to the University of Warsaw, we will pay about PLN 320.

An undoubted advantage is that there is no need to pay separate charges for water, electricity or internet subscription. All utilities are already included in the prices given by universities.


Apartment for a student in Warsaw:

where and for how much?

One of the student’s priorities is quick access to the university. The windows between lectures, frequent visits to libraries or work after classes require high mobility. If we do not find a place in the very center or right next to our school, we will not miss using public transport.

Therefore, accommodation near one of the metro stations is of strategic importance – along its route there are facilities of the largest universities (University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences). For this reason, many students choose apartments in districts to which the metro goes, i.e. Bielany, Żoliborz, Mokotów and Ursynów (first metro line) and Praga (second metro line).


Rent in Warsaw: minimum rates

There is nothing to hide – the capital is not the cheapest place to live, especially for students coming from smaller towns. A student loan that will help cover the high costs of living in the capital is a good idea to gain financial momentum in a new city.

Taking into account the rental of an apartment in Warsaw, in which each room is occupied by one person, we will be able to consider the offer as affordable if the total cost incurred by one tenant is not more than PLN 1200. If we are in a relationship and we want to reduce rental costs as much as possible, consider renting a studio for two. Students most often live in 3 and 4-room apartments with several people – then a rent per person is even twice as low as in the case of a single-occupied studio apartment.

The minimum rates during the housing “low season” (off-peak: winter, spring) are currently around (prices without utilities and rent):

  • 1.500 PLN for a studio apartment,
  • 1.900 PLN for a small two-room apartment,
  • 2.800 PLN for a scheduled 3-room flat in a low standard,
  • 3.500 PLN for M 4-rooms.

We should be particularly vigilant if we come across premises offered at lower rates. Let’s beware of ignorant clients of fake real estate agencies, which tempt with elegant apartments for unprecedented rates on the rental market. Real estate agents should not charge you a commission for providing housing addresses, professional real estate agents never charge you money just for providing such information.

When deciding to rent a specific apartment, be careful about the hidden provisions in the contract.

In addition to the general good condition of the property, most students also expect basic and relatively new furniture, space for their own things (i.e. cabinets and shelves not filled with knick-knacks and private items of the owner), a washing machine and the Internet. A TV is completely unnecessary, and even avoided huge wardrobes and wall units, which are not useful, but take up valuable space. “Grandma’s” flats, despite their low prices, are not eagerly chosen by students.


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