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Costs and taxes related to buying an apartment from a developer in Poland

Costs and taxes in Poland - PRIME REAL ESTATE AGENCY IN POLAND

Important information

  • All prices in the offers on our website already contain VAT tax!
  • You don't need any permision or to be aresident to buy your flat in Poland
  • Our agency fee. We charge a comission fee only when the transaction is done

Notary Costs – How much is the notary office fee?

When you buy a flat in Poland it is necesarry to go to the public notary who will prepare notary act, of course it generates additional fees, but they are not as high as buying flat from the aftermarket. Notary fee depends on apartment value.

Apartment ValueBase costSurplusVAT
60 000 — 1 000 000 PLN1 010 PLN+0,4% (from the surplus above 60 000 PLN)+23%
1 000 000 — 2 000 000 PLN4 770 PLN+0,2% (from the surplus above 1 000 000 PLN)-

Let’s understand it on this example!

What?How much?
New flat from developer300 000 PLN
Notary fee1 010 PLN + 0,4% from 240 000 PLN = 1 010 PLN + 960 PLN = 1 970 PLN
VAT tax from notary fee (23% in Poland)453 PLN
Copy of a notarial act221,40 PLN
Registration to land register60 PLN
Entry property owner to the land register200 PLN
Tax from mortgage entry19 PLN
Entry information about mortgage to the land registerpayable only when you finance your purchase from loan (200 PLN)
PCC — civil law transaction tax0 PLN*

* when you buy flat from developer (when you want to buy apartment from aftermarket PCC is 2% of flat value)

How much in total? (PLN)
Flat Value300 000
Notary cost and taxes2 923

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