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Apartments For Rent In Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk has been one of the most visited cities in Poland for years. Right behind Warsaw and Krakow – the city of Gdansk is listed as the most desirable destination both among Poles and foreigners. Gdansk is one of few places in Poland that can boast of a wide range of apartment rental offers at various prices. The main and unquestionable advantage of this seaside town is the huge variety of both apartments for short and long-term rental. The city offers flats of various standards (from basic to premium) in the price range from PLN 1,800 to even PLN 6,000 depending on the location and area of ​​the premise. The prices depend on the type of buildings (new apartment buildings, prefabricated ones, and pre-war renovated tenement houses). It is worth noting that Gdansk in contrast to Warsaw has retained almost all of its historical character, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.


Are You Looking For An Apartment To Rent In Gdansk? You Must Know This!

The dynamically developing economy and the huge influx of foreign concerns in Gdansk contribute to the large increase in visitors from all over Poland each year. Along with new corporations deciding to open their branches in the Tri-City area, it is Gdansk that enjoys the greatest popularity among the visitors. The city despite many years of deeply rooted traditions becomes more open to the Western investors, hence it generates great popularity not only among commercial premises but above all among the rental market of apartments. Gdansk hosts new students and corporate employees every year. Most of whom have a permanent relationship with the city. Renting apartments is becoming not only a short-term solution but a long-term decision that generates more investments. If you are considering renting an apartment in the seaside capital, Gdansk will definitely become a place for you!

The choice of the location for an apartment for rent should depend primarily on your needs. 2020 has significantly changed our preferences regarding apartment rental. Over the last few months, most private companies and universities have changed their approach to the form of working. Remote work displaced the regular one and working hours on the other hand had become strongly adjusted to the abilities of the employees. Nowadays, your choice of an apartment for rent comes down not to three factors (a distance from university or work – is no longer valid that much), but to two factors – the cost of renting and the surrounding area. Most young people due to the wide accessibility of the city’s cultural facilities are much more likely to choose venues in the center, near the old town. The older, more mature would rather choose a quiet place far away from all major shopping malls, crowded streets, and loud places.

Apartments in the vicinity with restaurants, bars, pubs, cinemas, and shopping malls are the most popular among the younger generation of tenants (under 35 years old). Unfortunately, usually higher rental prices need to be taken into account here. Based on this year’s statistics, flats for rent in quieter neighborhoods, sometimes far away from all kinds of entertainment (housing estates of Oliwa and Wrzeszcz) are definitely more popular among the slightly older generation (above 35 years old) that prefers silence and locations often adapted to larger families to external stimuli for entertainment. Regardless of the location, Gdansk and the entire Tri-City can boast of with one of the best transport systems in the country – the SKM railway, whose well-thought-out connections allow you to reach almost any place in the city in just under twenty minutes, which guarantees not only mobility among districts but also a significant time saving for people who do not like to break through the traffic jams of a crowded city by car.

Latest apartment for rent in Gdansk

Renting A Flat In Gdańsk – What Can You Expect?

As mentioned at the beginning, Gdansk has one of the widest offers of apartments for rent in Poland. The dependence comes down to the location, type of buildings, and furnishing of the apartment itself. Students and employees of nearby corporations can count on beautiful studios (25m2) in the city center and sometimes in its suburbs. To families with children or people who value comfort, Gdańsk offers much larger areas, 3-bedroom flats, usually with a kitchen annex of (50m2) in its less frequented neighborhoods.

The price for the apartment rental itself varies greatly. Unfortunately, Gdansk is one of the most popular cities in Poland, and thus – the cost of renting the premises is not the cheapest. Currently, in the era of the pandemic, the increase in housing prices has slightly dropped or stopped. It is true, however, that given the natural increase of population and the unflagging popularity of the seaside capital, the price of apartments for rent will slightly increase in the next years. The choice of an apartment should therefore be considered with a year in advance, therefore you will not be forced to change the location under the pretext of its price after a given period of time.

It can be safely assumed that the price of renting apartments in Gdansk decreases with the distance from its center. As in every major city, it is the city center that is appreciated the most. Despite the older buildings and the surrounding noise, the prices of smaller premises located near Motlawa will definitely exceed those much larger outside the city center. For people looking for comfort for many years and for those for whom a few minutes by bus would not make difference, I would definitely recommend apartments for rent in the Zaspa and Oliwa district or the aforementioned Wrzeszcz. Flats in Orunia, sometimes referred to as the bedroom of Gdansk, are less popular, but thanks to its lower popularity, their local housing prices are becoming extremely attractive.


Apartments For Rent In Gdansk By Districts

Apartments for rent in Oliwa

Apartments For Rent In Oliwa

Oliwa is probably the most prestigious district of Gdansk in terms of the apartment rental. This forested district, bordering Sopot, is becoming more popular with new residents every single year. Its green location offers great opportunities for people who value peace, quiet and outdoor sports. It is the most frequently chosen place by people with children and by the older generation. Oliwa, apart from its historic buildings, can boast the largest number of single-family houses and newly built blocks in a development stage, offering beautiful 2, 3-bedroom apartments with an open kitchen and a view of the park. It is worth noting that the district is perfectly connected with both the city center and other districts. One of the main advantages of Oliwa is the Oliwa Flea Market, popular throughout the Tri-City, offering the largest range of clothing, interior furnishings, and collectibles such as coins, stamps, and jewelry. Oliwa is one of few places in Gdansk that can boast its own pier, access to the sea, and observation points from which you can admire the entire coast. It is also worth noting that Oliwa is housing one of the largest universities in Poland – the University of Gdansk.

Oliwa is a base of prestigious apartments and houses that provide not only a sense of comfort but also the possibility of communing with culture. Within a few years, the district has grown up with beautiful shopping malls, wonderful restaurants, popular pubs, cinemas, and a business center, which houses some of the largest corporations in the world. Oliwa is the best choice for combining peace and quiet with great opportunities offered by the center, located less than 8 km away.

Apartments for rent in Srodmiescie Gdansk

Apartments For Rent In Srodmiescie

It cannot be denied that Srodmiescie will always be the most popular district in Gdansk. Its inherent cultural advantages such as Dlugi Targ, Dlugie Pobrzerze on the Motlawa River, long-standing monuments, museums, and countless shops, restaurants, and pubs will always find their audience. The city center of Gdansk is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe not without a reason. Unfortunately, it also has a downside. As the most popular place in the city, despite the exclusion of car traffic, it is a place of the largest gathering of visiting tourists and residents for entertainment. It is impossible to diminish the charm of the place whose character creates the illusion that this city never sleeps. Srodmiescie is also the center of all sorts of major cultural and entertainment events – from the Dominican Fair organized at the turn of July and August each year, to artistic performances and New Year’s Eve celebrations just to name a few. The center is a well-structured space that allows you to get anywhere in the city within 15 minutes thanks to the SKM train, bus, or Uber itself.

Apartments in the city center are mostly old-fashioned with high ceilings with long narrow windows overlooking a particular part of the old town. Most of these are facelift flats, providing comfort to the younger generation. Among the undeniable advantages of smaller apartments are spacious rooms, usually in a square layout. For some, the downside may be a separate kitchen, and most of the time – connecting rooms. The most popular apartments for rent in the city center are the smaller studios (20-28 m2), the price of which varies between PLN 2,200 and PLN 3,200. Less popular in terms of price range are the larger apartments (40m2-70m2) which rental price reaching even PLN 7,500. Over the past few years, the very center at the Motlawa River has prepared over 50 new premium class rental premises. Unfortunately, their rental price – regardless of the size, is much closer to the prices above PLN 6,000, sometimes reaching even a 5 digital amount per month.

Apartments for rent in Wrzeszcz

Apartments For Rent In Wrzeszcz

Wrzeszcz is the northernmost district of Gdansk. Considered by the inhabitants themselves as the most “artistic” part of the city, thanks to the two music schools, a ballet school and the Gdansk University of Technology. Wrzeszcz is a valued bedroom of Gdansk, mainly for its calm character, which in no way resembles the bustle coming from the center. The district has its own entrance to the sea and its own beach. For pet-lovers, it is worth noting that Wrzeszcz is one of the few places in Poland with its own beach for dogs. Despite its non-absorbing character, Wrzeszcz can boast a quite large cultural base. There are as many as 3 shopping malls, a cinema, and a large number of restaurants. For history lovers, the district has prepared, Indian village, Synagogue, Dwór Studzienka, and Tanks in a Victory Avenue among others.

Wrzeszcz can boast one of the most attractive rental prices for apartments in Gdansk. If you search well, you could find a 22-meter, 1-bedroom apartment for PLN 1,400 or 2-bedroom flats (approx. 40-45 m2) with a separate kitchen (although this is not the rule) for a very affordable price of PLN 2,000 – PLN 3,000. Among the most popular apartments for rent, unlike in Oliwa district that offers the whole houses out, Wrzeszcz offers apartments in buildings from the 1970s/1980s and the recently commissioned development stage flats. Considering the distance to the center (approx. 5 km), Wrzeszcz is a perfect place for students and people who do not mind the “less popular” district. Choosing an apartment for rent in Wrzeszcz guarantees a reduction in monthly rental costs for conditions similar to those found in the Oliwa district.

Apartments for rent in Przymorze

Apartments For Rent In Przymorze

Przymorze, a place with over 42,000 inhabitants divided into two smaller districts (Small and Large) is an incredibly popular and lively area centered around Ronald Reagan Park, popular with families for its playground, bike paths, and skate-park. Przymorze, like almost every single district in Gdansk, has access to not one, but two shopping malls. The first – Alfa Centrum, which includes climbing walls, cinema, and clothing stores among others. And the second – Galeria Przymorze, popular throughout Poland due to the numerous shops with Polish clothing brands. Przymorze, despite its beautiful location, is about 10 km away from the city center, which in the case of some deters the desire to rent an apartment there. The most common residents of the district are primary families with children, the elderly, and remote workers.

Przymorze is a district mostly built up with apartments from the 1960s and 1970s. You could find there 10-story skyscrapers and 4-story buildings without an elevator – a very important factor for the elderly. Przymorze, despite its large population, is a very quiet district. Considering the beautiful view outside the window, the prices of the apartments are not the most expensive in the city. For a 2-bedroom furnished flat (40m2) with a view, we may pay about PLN 2,500. The price for a similar apartment in a less attractive location in the same district could be as low as PLN 1,800. The newly renovated apartments (suitable for people who value comfort and space) cost around PLN 3,000 for an apartment of 67m2. Considering the very location of the district and the high standard of flats for rent – Przymorze is a great choice for people who want to stay in Gdansk for a little longer than just for one year.

Apartments for rent in Zaspa

Apartments For Rent in Zaspa

Zaspa is a revitalized residential district located between Wrzeszcz and Przymorze. It’s center houses apartment buildings from the Soviet times decorated with murals with political themes. Apart from the aforementioned buildings, Zaspa is one of the few districts in Gdansk which, thanks to its location and vacant land, can afford the newer buildings of flats under development. The district is known for the John Paul II park among others. Like other districts of Gdansk – Zaspa has its own shopping mall with clothing stores of Polish brands. Other places to shop include independent art stores and discounted clothing outlets. The district boasts local pizzerias, Asian restaurants, and sports bars.

Zaspa, thanks to newly built apartments, can boast probably the largest number of luxury flats, including studios and 2-3 bedroom flats. Their common denominator is a high-class furnishing, often their own garage or parking spot and a balcony. For a 1-bedroom flat of ​​47m2, we will have to pay PLN 2,200, which makes Zaspa one of the most attractive locations in terms of rental cost in Gdansk. For an apartment of ​​74m2 with its own garage cost would increase up to PLN 4,500, which is not a lot by the standards of the city. Due to good communication, Zaspa also enjoys the rental of single rooms for students, and the price of these usually ranges between PLN 800 and PLN 1,100. Zaspa, due to the new buildings and the distance from the center (about 7.5 km) is usually chosen by married couples with children or singles with their own car.

Apartments for rent in Orunia

Apartments For Rent in Orunia

Orunia is the most industrial part of Gdansk. The district has traces of its rural past. From the beginning of the 20th century, Orunia began to take on a suburban character. Tenement houses, which are an example of bourgeois Art Nouveau and eclectic style, and four-story buildings that in the vast majority constitute the majority of the district’s buildings, began to emerge. Despite its industrial character, Orunia is a district with a lot of green areas, including the third largest park in Gdansk – Orunia Park with its ​​19ha. The district is mostly inhabited by elderly people who have lived there for generations. Despite the small variety, Orunia is still a place worth checking for the rental offers of apartments.

Due to its industrial character, the district rarely offers flats of a higher standard. People who rent premises often inherit them from their parents or grandparents, which provokes the lower standard of furnishing. The advantage of the apartments here is the yardage – cost ratio. And so, we are able to rent a 90m2 flat in a standard furnishing for PLN 3,000. The rental cost for flats with the yardage of ​​40-50 m2 rarely exceeds the amount of PLN 2,000. Orunia is a great place for the elderly or for those who are not looking for modern furnishing or additional improvements. The development of the district allows you to leave the car under the apartment building, and the communication itself makes you take a bus or train instead.

Apartments for rent in Osowo

Apartments For Rent in Osowo

Osowo is currently one of the most populous, and also one of the youngest in terms of average age, inhabitants of Gdansk districts. The average age of Osowa residents is 39. The district owes its popularity to its beautiful location, modern buildings, and wide access to various types of large-format stores. Despite its large distance from the center – about 16 km, it is Osowo that is the fastest-populated district in Gdansk

Considering the very low average age of the inhabitants, Osowo is primarily built with modern buildings (5-8 stores), mostly equipped with an underground garage, playground, and closed housing estates. The standard of local apartments is also higher than in other locations. The owners strongly focus on modernity, quality, and functionality of the rooms. It is worth noting that the yardage of flats there is usually larger. Paradoxically, apartment rental prices are not as high as it might seem. You’d pay PLN 2,350 for a modern 3-bedroom apartment of 70m2, and PLN 2,700 for 75m2. Among the apartments, we can also find studios (25-40 m2), but their price of PLN 1,800 is more conducive to investing in renting something bigger. Osowa is an ideal place for modern people who value comfort. The district can be safely called the bedroom of Gdansk, and its unflagging popularity only confirms the quality of the apartment there.

Apartments for rent in Brzezno

Apartments For Rent in Brzezno

Brzeźno is the most popular seaside district in the northern part of Gdansk. Its popularity among tourists is mainly due to two summer seaside resorts and a large pier. The district itself is located in the vicinity of a large number of trees and greenery, which makes it extremely attractive for people who love living nature. More active people will appreciate the place for a large number of jogging paths and the bicycle path leading to Sopot itself. The district is known for its fishermen’s spirit, which is why some of the buildings include fishing ornaments. The distance from the center is approx. 8 km

Despite its fishing history, the district is rich in modern construction. Although it is mainly geared to visiting tourists, the owners offer really good conditions to those who want to stay here longer. Considering the nature of the place, the apartments for rent in Brzeźno are of a high standard combined with reasonable rental prices. For a 2-bedroom flat of ​​52m2, you’d pay PLN 2,100, and for a 3-bedroom flat of 61m2 – PLN 3,350. Similar to Osowa, studio flats are unprofitable, the price of which starts around PLN 1,900 per 30 m2. Brzeźno is definitely a tourist resort. People considering living here, despite the huge advantages of access to the sea and forests, must take into account a large number of tourists with children, which in the case of people who value silence may be of a key disadvantage when making a decision.

Apartments for rent in Chelm

Apartments For Rent in Chelm

Chełm, a district historically known as Nowa Gorka. It is one of the most densely populated districts with a relatively small area in Gdansk. Due to its localization (close to the city center), it became extremely popular with the locals. Its current shape was created recently, in 2018, by a resolution of the City Council. The close proximity of Gdansk Srodmiescie gives a chance to the pursuit of entertainment or culture, hence the growing popularity of apartments for rent in that area. Chełm is a small, attractive district, extremely popular among people working in nearby corporations and young students.

Unfortunately, the district does not have a lot of space for expansion, therefore the prices of apartments for rent are not the cheapest. The district is divided into three types of buildings. Prefabricated buildings, modern apartment buildings, and single-family houses. Despite the dense development, the district can boast of a large amount of greenery and, next to Oliwa, the tidiest neighborhood in the city. Considering the proximity of the city center – approx. 3 km, unlike other districts – Chełm boasts a fairly large selection of studios apartments. For a 1-bedroom flat with the yardage of ​​25-30m2, you’d pay PLN 1,800. 2-bedroom apartment of ​​48m2 is around PLN 2,000. The district is famous for larger apartments as well. 3-bedroom flat of ​​70m2 cost PLN 2,500. The price depends on the proximity of the city center. The closer the investment is to the city center, the higher the prices. Considering the exorbitant prices of Srodmiescie, Chelm seems to be the obvious choice for anyone willing to live close to the city center – both in terms of the attractiveness of apartments for rent and the rental price itself.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the price of public transport In Gdansk?

As mentioned earlier, Gdansk is one of the best-communicated cities in Poland as it comes to transport. The routes of the SKM train, buses, and trams allow you to reach your destination in just a few minutes. Transport prices are not high. For a single ticket, you’d pay PLN 3.80 (regular) and PLN 1.90 (reduced). Time tickets (for 1 hour) cost PLN 4.40 (regular) and PLN 2.20 (reduced).

How To Find Apartment For Rent In Gdansk?
A large number of Gdansk residents and newcomers may make it a bit difficult to find a flat for rent.
We recommend that you take advantage of the book your flat in advance option, which will allow you to move into your apartment in Gdansk for the first time in an efficient and pleasant way, without unnecessary stress. You will also avoid spending the night in expensive hotels.
Who can rent an apartment in Gdansk?
Anyone who is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Gdansk after the age of 18.
How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Gdansk?
The average rental price for an apartment in Gdansk ranges between € 200 and € 2200.

More about Gdansk:

Gdansk In Numbers
Population: 470 907people
The number of students: 62 942
Area: 262 km²
Number of universities: 15 higher schools including 3 universities
Number of active companies: 79 857
Average gross salary in Gdansk:  PLN 6,890
History Of Gdansk

The thousand-year history of Gdansk, like the history of many other cities, is filled with ups and downs. Over the centuries, Poland and Prussia fought for the city, it was under the influence of the Soviets and even the Napoleonic army. During this turmoil, the drive for wealth and self-determination was always strong, and the past made Gdansk the cradle of a new historic movement: “Solidarnosc

The first record of the city dates from 999. Initially, Gdansk served as a fortified city and a small commercial port, thanks to which it developed rapidly. In 1308, it came under the influence of the Teutonic Knights. Until then, Gdansk was more Italian than German or Polish in character. Under the rule of the Teutonic Order, many magnificent churches were built, and the Old Town took the shape that it maintains until today. However, during the Thirteen Years’ War (1454-66), the city took the side of the Polish king against the Teutonic Knights. When the strength of the Order weakened after the defeat at Tannenberg, Gdansk continued to develop, and the influx of immigrants and merchants from all walks of life made the city a Pearl in the Polish Crown. It was a progressive and independent center. While almost all of Poland remained Catholic, Gdansk became a center of Protestantism to such an extent that Catholics were a minority here. It was also a place of development of common goods, trade exchange, a refuge of tolerance, thanks to which Scots, Jews, and many other nationalities found their home here. They all fought together to repel the Swedish invasion in the 17th century, and later the attack of the Russians and Saxons.

During the first partition of Poland, the Prussian king, Frederick II, imposed an embargo on Gdansk, which resulted in the loss of trade privileges and separation from satellite cities. However, Napoleon Bonaparte, after defeating the Prussian army, made Gdansk a Free City. The Congress of Vienna defined new borders in 1815 and Gdansk returned to Prussia. In 1920, according to the provisions of the Versailles Treaty, Gdansk became a Free City again. In 1939, despite the heroic struggle in Westerplatte and the resistance of the Polish Post, it was annexed to the Third Reich. During World War II, it was bombed by the English, and destroyed by Soviet troops during the liberation. 124 thou. The Germans living in the city were forced to leave it.

However, Gdansk was quickly rebuilt, many buildings began to reflect their original form. The development of the university and industry gave a new rhythm to the life of Gdansk residents. In 1970, a strike of employees of the Gdansk Shipyard began. The militia and the army used weapons, but the wave of workers’ protests lasted until the establishment of Solidarnosc, led by Lech Walęsa. These events are taken as the beginning of the overthrow of the communist system in Eastern Europe.

Today, Gdańsk’s political influence is smaller, but in return, the city is distinguished by incredible economic development. Gdańsk is also a wonderful place that attracts more and more tourists from all over the world to experience its charm. The summer months are especially favorable for this, when the beaches fill up with people and the city hosts many festivals, including the 700-year old tradition of St. Dominica.

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