Apartments to rent in Warsaw

Apartments to rent in Warsaw

Apartments to rent in Warsaw

Warsaw, which is the capital of Poland, offers many different opportunities. Thanks to a lot of various events, the city is bustling but it’s not only about partying… Warsaw is a good  place to live, work and study as well! The demand for rental is growing every year, although the prices are still on a rise. Below you’ll find some useful information. Check it now! 

Apartment to rent in Warsaw – why it is worth to consider?

There are many arguments in favour of Warsaw being an ideal city to live in. The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself, what is the aim of renting a flat here. The second important step is to precise the type of renting you are thinking of: short or long-term. Last but not least, you have to decide whether you will be renting for yourself or treat it as an investment. The second option may seem appealing as big cities face a constant influx of new workforce or contract employees. It is said that the prices of apartments in Warsaw are as high as the prices in Berlin or London, so it’s good to think about an investment today! 

Where is it good to rent an apartment?   

Location is the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a real estate, and it also determines its price. Before you choose an apartment to rent in Warsaw, you should get to know 4 main districts, which are: 

  • Białołęka – is one of the most dynamically developing zones in the city, so there are many brand new and modern apartments there. It is also a perfect place for people looking for silence because greenery is surrounding this very district. The prices are also quite convenient, as Białołęka takes 3rd place of the cheapest areas in Warsaw. The estimated price is PLN 7.395 per m², while the price in Wola is PLN 11.455 per m².
  • Praga Południe – is a diversified and well-communicated area thanks to the second line of the Warsaw Metro (close to Targówek). We can find here both prestige investments, the best example of which is Saska Kępa, and cheaper ones, like Gocławek.
  • Mokotów – is the synonym of luxury. Celebrities and people expecting the highest possible standard of quality live there. Mokotów is also the area full of parks. It is wise to consider renting an apartment in Mokotów if a short distance to the Warsaw Metro is important for us. 
  • Wola – a variety of elegant apartments is a big advantage of this district. The largest benefit of Wola is not that huge urban concentration as in the strict city centre of Warsaw. Studio apartments represent the majority of flats available to rent in this district, so it makes this location perfect for students and singles, as there are mainly 1 bedroom flats to rent. Wola is communicated with every part of Warsaw, including big shopping centres like Arkadia, as well as those less popular but exclusive ones – Klif.

Our tip: Ideal apartment to rent in Warsaw is at your fingertips but before you make the final decision, try to talk with your potential neighbours, check if there are any shops in your vicinity, parking spots and bicycle stands. Also, check the information about changes in communication planned for forthcoming months – this will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. 

What type of apartment suits you best?

We could observe a tendency of renting studio apartments (‘kawalerka’) in Warsaw since ages. The prototypical kawalerka has about 30-40 m2. Everlasting popularity of these flats is based on their price, as prices of 1 bedroom flats to rent are lower than those of bigger flats. The most desired thing is to have a flat only for your own, and not having to share the space with others. Certain demand helps the investors make decisions, minimizing risks of the investments. Warsaw is the centre of student life and a city frequently chosen for the first job. Apart from square metrage, there are many other things, which we take into consideration while looking for a perfect apartment to rent in Warsaw, such as the presence of a balcony or a loggia. This factor is also important for investors, as it determines the height of a price that can be charged, as well as it allows investors to be more competitive on a dynamic real estate market. 

Our tip: Even great 1 bedroom flat to rent should not be considered only in terms of space. We should also pay attention to additional facilities, such as a lift, Wi-Fi, parking spots, possibility of renting a garage, locked entrance gate or security service. It often happens that small flats are not convenient and space is not well kept. 

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