Everything you need to know about energy-efficient houses

  • 28 September 2022
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Everything you need to know about energy-efficient houses

What is an energy-efficient house?

The name of an energy-saving house can be called a house which, thanks to its use already at the stage of its construction, allows for a significant reduction of energy losses through the use of appropriate materials and solutions. As it is commonly known, heating is the biggest cost of living. By using appropriate materials at the house construction stage, appropriate thermal insulation and ventilation inside the building, we are able to reduce these costs. As a rule, building such a house is more expensive than a traditional one, but looking ahead, you can expect the aforementioned lower maintenance bills. Importantly, you also contribute to environmental protection, which, unfortunately, has been neglected in the past years.

How to plan a building project?

The project and the entire process of building a house must be well thought out. You should be aware that basically every part of your home affects the performance of the entire home.

Pay particular attention to:

  • The body of the building- the simpler means better- because in this way we eliminate the formation of the so-called Thermal bridges. It is about eliminating imperfections in the building structure or insulation. If such imperfections are then we have a heat loss.
  • Appropriate location in relation to the directions of the world- energy-efficient houses use sunlight. Therefore, houses built especially in the Northern Hemisphere should face north-south orientation. In this way, the direct influence of sunlight on the body of the building in summer is minimized but during the winter we have more sunlight.
  • Used Material- An energy-efficient house is built of materials with a high thermal mass, i.e. stone, concrete or brick. This solution minimizes the energy consumption of a given building.

How to heat to energy-saving house?

A house that consumes less energy is not only more environmentally friendly but also needs little heat. Bet on renewable energy sources:

  • Use a heat pump that extracts energy from water, air or soil.
  • Decide to install solar panels that will gain electricity from the sun.

Currently, there are many programs in the European Union thanks to which you will get financial support to cover the costs related to the installation of renewable energy sources.

If you prefer traditional low-emission heating methods, choose a traditional gas boiler.

Why is it worth building an energy-efficient house?

From year to year, we can observe an increase in the interest in building energy-efficient houses. It is worth paying more money at the time of construction so that you do not have to worry about the high costs of maintaining the house later. In addition, now many countries have set themselves the goal of protecting the environment and many great programs have been created that offer subsidies for energy-efficient houses or renewable energy installations. If we have the opportunity to use such a program, why not do it.

An energy-efficient house – apart from lower energy and heating bills – is more comfortable for the residents, and also warm and illuminated by natural sunlight. When planning to build a house, it is worth considering this ecological and at the same time economical solution.

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