Invest in Warsaw real estate. Why is it worth?

Invest in Warsaw real estate. Why is it worth?

Invest in Warsaw real estate. Why is it worth?Invest in Warsaw real estate

Warsaw is one of the most popular European cities in terms of real estate investment.
The “Buy To Let” market in Warsaw in Poland is extremely profitable and popular. It will probably stay that way for a long time. The popularity of investing in real estate in Warsaw has several reasons. Many people are attracted by a city of 2 million. In fact, a big share of people living in Warsaw was born outside the city or outside of Poland. There are many different motives why people attract the city, for sure one of them is still developing the economy. Another reason is the price of apartments in Warsaw, which is relatively low compared to other European capitals. ROI-  the return on investment, which attracts investors from all around the world. It starts from the level of rental yields at 5.5% up to 10-12% annually for single apartments bought for rent. The multiculturalism of the capital of Poland, in which live, study and work people from over 196 countries.

Economy and taxes in Warsaw

In 2019, Poland reached a GDP of USD 524.5 billion. , compared to last year, GDP growth 5.1 percent, and Warsaw is the capital. New jobs mean that the unemployment rate is extremely low. In October 2019, the city set new low unemployment rates. Startup people often love Warsaw. There are many people with a degree or experience in technology. There are also many opportunities for people in the field of finance. The city has the highest concentration of scientists and researchers in the country, as well as one of the highest in the world. The Polish Immigration Service makes it easy to move to the city and work or run a company. Total employment rates have increased on average by 30 percent over the last decade. In addition to having one of the lowest real estate prices in the world, property taxes in Poland are unbelievably cheap. If you decide not to move to Poland, you may have to pay taxes on your property if you decide to rent it. You can pay tax in your own country if they have an agreement with Poland. In Poland, mortgage payments are written off from rental income.

Supply on the real estate market in Warsaw

Regardless of the property type, real estate in Warsaw is in short supply. It is estimated that the city currently has at least 80,000 apartments short, and specialists from the real estate market in Warsaw estimate that in the next 15 years the shortage will increase by at least 30,000 apartments. There are many areas of Warsaw where people decide to build new houses and apartment complexes. However, the gap between supply and demand is still widening, and more housing is needed than is currently available. It will probably continue to raise prices for the next few years, so now is a great time to invest in real estate in Warsaw. You can still find attractive apartments to buy in Warsaw. Because more people than ever before decide to move to the capital city of Poland, it may not take long. On average, you can buy five houses in Warsaw as cheap as one house in London. However, low-cost housing is not expected to remain in Warsaw, so it’s time to get involved, as rents and property prices are rising year by year. There are many reasons why Warsaw is a great place to invest in real estate. If you need help, contact an international real estate agency in Warsaw, such as Prime Property Poland. We help walk many people from all around the world through the process of buying apartments in Warsaw, Poland.






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