Gdansk Real Estate Prices

Gdansk Real Estate Prices


Gdansk Real Estate Prices

If you have found this blog subpage, you are probably considering buying a property in Gdańsk or in the Tri-City and would like to find out about the current Gdansk real estate prices. Every year we observe an increase in the number of purchases of apartments by foreigners in the north of Poland. 

As much as 42 percent of real estate prices in Gdańsk has increased in the last three years. Moreover, according to the estimates of housing market analysts, another record year of price increases is ahead of us. This means that it is worth buying an apartment in the Tri-City as soon as possible.

So what is the price of real estate in Gdańsk?

It mainly depends on the location The most expensive real estates are of course located in the coastal belt and in the city center. It is worth considering buying in the constantly growing Gdansk districts because the price will definitely increase there over the years. Despite the enormity of new investments, there are still not enough of them to satisfy the market.

Average property price in Gdańsk:

The average price of real estate in Gdańsk at the moment is PLN 9142 PLN per square meter and of course it strongly depends on district.

If you are looking for an apartment in Gdańsk Poland, we will be happy to help you. Regardless of whether it is an apartment from the secondary or primary market, we are able to help you. We work with proven finishing companies and designers who speak English. Investing in this region of Poland will certainly bring you financial benefits over the years and will be a great investment for your capital. All you have to do is give us your budget and then present you with interesting offers.

The offers that appear on the site are obviously not all we have.

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