Apartments for rent in Lodz

Apartments for rent in Lodz

The popularity of apartments for rent in Lodz

is increasing each year. The city transformed from a little-visited, unwanted place to one of the fastest-growing agglomerations in Poland. Growth in interest is caused mainly due to the opportunities the city provides. New colleges, fashionable places and the wholesale quantity of new large corporation’s investments guarantee the rapid growth of residents. Long-Term investment has been replaced with renting a new flat. The modern market rent has grown to such an extent that it is difficult to indifferently pass by rental ads. The popularity of apartments for rent in Lodz improved their quality as well. Once a flat for rent was associated with a small studio apartment full of old, worn furniture. Today’s rentier does everything to present and sell his best side, and thus – to overtake the competition. An investment in rentier housing is a guaranteed return on investment incurred during renovation.

Along with changes in the approach of rentiers, their recipients have changed their expectations as well. Customer appreciation no longer limits itself to the price of the premise. Important aspects such as yardage, furnishings, location, parking spot and access to public transport have also come into play.

The price range of apartments for rent in Lodz

The price range of apartments for rent in Lodz (approx. 40 m2) starts from 800 PLN, and sometimes reaches even 5000 PLN/month. Price is dependent on many factors mentioned earlier. Total cost usually includes additional charges for internet, electricity and parking spot. The most valued apartments are the ones available in newly-built property investments in the city center (the average amount for rent is 2000 PLN /month), for an apartment in the suburbs (Zdrowie, Marysin, Zlotno, Janow) the amount usually goes around 1600 PLN/month.

For comparison, the price for equally popular smaller flats, the so-called studio apartments (approx. 25 m2), goes around 1400 PLN/month in the city center and 1100 PLN/month in the suburbs. Due to younger demographics (students, people working outside the city – Warsaw), the most desirable apartment location is the one with a large shopping center (Manufaktura, Galeria Lodzka) or railway station (Lodz Fabryczna, Lodz Widzew) nearby.

Increasingly, people tend to look for larger apartments for rent in Lodz (whole families). Larger yardage (approx. 70 m2) with a guaranteed parking spot, public transport and shopping centers nearby became most salable. For such an apartment we will pay an average of 3000 PLN/month in the center and around 2500 PLN/month in the suburbs.

How to rent an apartment in Lodz?

Renting of an apartment is associated with some additional costs upfront, the so-called advance – usually equals the renting price of one month. Commission fee –  if you decide to cooperate with a real estate agency, it is usually equal to one-month rental costs. Because the market rent has become so popular, rentiers – taught by many years of experience – secure themselves by well-prepared contracts signed with a notary. The contracts precisely specify the terms of the rent (acceptance of a pet, segregation of garbage). It also consists of the time limit for resignation from renting the apartment (termination). Such agreements protect both parties through jointly agreed terms and conditions.

Considering the amount of new residential investments emerging and huge jumps in the purchase prices of apartments, the rentier market is and will be one of the most profitable services in the coming years. Given the express development of Lodz in terms of the labour market, renting apartments in Lodz has become one of the best sources of income for every entrepreneur.

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