Can a foreigner buy a property in Poland?

Can a foreigner buy a property in Poland?

Many of you are probably looking for the answer to this question. In this thread, we will try to explain it. The answer to this question is simple and those who have doubts about the possibility of buying real estate in Poland will be positively surprised. 

Polish law distinguishes between two types of real estate:

  • Flats 
  • Houses

Buying a Flat in Poland

Can foreigner can buy an apartment in poland

 The legislation says that if you want to buy an apartment in Poland(stand-alone residential premises), you do not need to have any legal status here.  A person who wants to buy an apartment in Poland but does not live here can also buy it and does not need any permission. This creates good investment opportunities for people who invest in real estate.  Nowadays Poland is perceived as a stable market and one the fastest growing country in Eastern Europe.

Can I buy a house in Poland as a foreigner?

buying house in poland foreignerThe situation gets complicated when a foreigner wants to buy a house in Poland. In this case, you must obtain permission from the ministry of internal affairs in Poland, Unless you have lived in Poland for at least five years (from issuing a settlement permit or obtaining a long-term resident’s EU residence permit. The person who has been married to a Polish citizen for two years is also released from the obligation to obtain the consent of the ministry of internal affairs.  It should be remembered that such an agreement is always required when purchasing agricultural land with an area over 1 ha.

The Interior Minister will issue such permission only if the acquisition of the real estate by a foreigner does not pose a threat to:

-defence, state security or public order, as well as social policy and public health considerations.

-demonstrate that he has connections with Poland.

In order to obtain a permit, a foreigner should apply for a permit. There are no ready-made application templates.

As you can see foreigners in Poland can freely buy an apartment in Poland whether you buy it for yourself or as an investment, buying a home is not impossible but a permit is required.  It is worth mentioning that the purchase of land for commercial purposes is also possible for citizens of the European Union’s economic zone.  (no permission is required).

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